Your choice.  Your voice.  Vote for Karen!

Your choice.  Your voice.  Vote for Karen!


My education and work experience taught me the principles of city planning. Zoning, annexation, and easements are issues brought up for a vote frequently at the City Council meetings. I understand how the City Council works. I regularly attend Council meetings and Work Sessions in order to better understand the issues. I’ve served on the Industrial Development Board to help bring businesses and jobs to Madison. My campaign is not funded by developers. I will be accountable to the citizens of Madison. I have increased my understanding of the needs of the residents by volunteering for Madison’s Meals on Wheels, Kids to Love, and providing childcare at the Downtown Rescue Mission weekly. Hospice care has a special place in my heart.

Trusted by those who serve

I am honored to be endorsed by the Alabama Police Benevolent Association.

Our MPD has earned the gold standard in Public Safety – CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Officers Agencies). I support Madison’s law enforcement officers and I am grateful for their dedicated service.

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Managed City Growth

Understanding the needs of the residents is the most important aspect in city leadership.  As I have knocked on doors, I’ve listened to the residents voice their concerns about the pace of city growth.  We agreed responsible city growth is needed.  I support growth by annexation or by new development as long as it does not result in over extended First Responders, congested roads or crowded classrooms.   Each proposed development needs to be evaluated on it’s merits – do the benefits out weigh the costs to the city?

Smart economic development is needed.   New businesses will expand our tax base,  increase our revenue, bring jobs closer to home and improve our quality of life.  Targeting a variety of businesses would benefit the community.

Leading a growing city

Working with the Industrial Development Board along with my involvement on the Madison Street Festival Committee helped prepare me for serving the residents of District 6.  My education and work experience apply to city planning and economic development.  I earned my Masters degree at UGA in business, major in real estate.    In three years of working for NAI Global I went from an assistant Property Director to leading three departments within the organization.  My specialty was commercial real estate while performing investment analysis and creating property prospectus.   All of this experience will benefit Madison.

I will represent you.

I am running to give the residents of District 6 a voice on their City Council.  It’s your choice.  The residents deserve representation. Gerald Clark, the incumbent, recused himself or abstained over 60 times in the last year.*  This denied the constituents a voice in their government. I pledge to represent the voice of District 6 on their City Council.

Community involvement 

My life centers around serving God, family and community.  The last four years I’ve enjoyed working with the Madison Street Festival Committee.   I am currently volunteering with Madison‘s Meals on Wheels,  Kids to Love, and the annual ReadyFest.   I also provide childcare at the Downtown Rescue Mission twice a week.  I’ve worked on my church’s Public Affairs committee and was an administrator for   It’s been an honor to serve our veterans in the VA medical system.  Serving hospice patients through Good Samaritan Hospice has a special place in my heart. Overall these experiences have shown me the importance of listening to the needs of those I serve – an important trait for the city Council.  

I’d like to hear your voice on the issues.  I respectfully ask for your vote.