Madison Education

Madison Education


Madison is a bright growing city.  Its future is intertwined with maintaining our exceptional school system.  I pledge to work with Madison School Board to offer the students a superior  educational experience.

Approximately 1,800 Madison City students are living in Limestone County for which Madison does not receive property and sales taxes and TVA monies.  This creates a shortfall of approximately $1.7 Million to the Madison schools.  The State Board of Education, without notice, omitted the Madison City School students who lived in Limestone County from the Madison County apportionment for TVA funds.  Resolving this funding issue will take the efforts of our State Legislature.   The Limestone property tax issue is currently tied up in court.  Ongoing negotiations could resolve the property tax impasse thus ending the lawsuit.  The City Council’s role is to give the City’s full support to our Madison City Superintendent and School Board as well as our State Legislators as they work to resolve these issues.  Common sense dictates it is only fair that the funds be distributed where the children are attending school.


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