Sports Complex (Rec Center)

Sports Complex (Rec Center)


I believe the City of Madison has made the right decision to partner with the Madison City Schools to build a Sports Complex on the School owned property.  The Schools have agreed to lease the land to the City for a very nominal fee and pay $3,000,000 towards the construction of the pool.  Both the Swim Team and the residents of Madison would benefit from the arrangement.

 Wisely, the City Council will not commit to construction if the Sport Complex is not financially sound and beneficial to the City and neither would I.

I strongly support new economic development in the City.   I am for the Sports Complex as an economic driver for the City.   By the City partnering with an organization which provides the expertise of hosting Tournaments, Madison gains financially with increased sales tax revenue from the Tournament participants. 

To fully understand our proposed Sports Complex,  I have repeatedly asked questions and sought clarification from City Council members and City Staff concerning the details of Madison project.  I have researched the economic impact of a Sports Complex in general.   The City is currently negotiating with the firm Fieldhouse.  


madison electionI’m excited to see the positive effect this complex would have, if approved by the Council, on the future of Madison Alabama especially here in district 6.  This is the site where the Sports Complex will be developed if approved.


I believe the Swim Team has performed exceptionally over the years and would benefit from a competition size pool for practice and swim meets.

 I understand, originally, the consensus was to build a 50-meter pool for the city when Madison residents participated in a workshop held at Dublin Park in 2013 to create the Park and Recreation Department’s Master Plan. 

The City’s plans have since been modified and currently a 25-yard pool is being proposed.  I agree with the proposed 25-yard pool simply for financial reasons.  A comparison of the cost of a 50-meter pool verse a 25-yard pool is instructional.

According to USA Swimming:

8 lane 25-yard pool – estimated cost $1,181,250 to build with an annual operating cost of $113,400

8 lane 50-meter pool – estimated cost $3,733,950 to build with an annual operating cost of $244,440

The building costs do include the cost to cover and 15’ decks around but not the cost of spectator seating, showers, offices or equipment.

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