Dedicated to serving the community of Madison

Dedicated to serving the community of Madison

I am dedicated to serving the community of Madison.  I pledge to listen to you and act upon your concerns.  It is why I am running for Madison City Council District 6 – to be your representative.

Since I heard the State of the City address in January, I have attended every City Council Work Session and I have only missed 2 City Council Meetings.  I attend the Industrial Development Board and the Redevelopment Board Meetings.  I understand how the Council works.  I have studied the issues brought before the Council members.  I believe I can make a difference in Madison by serving on the City Council.  I offer fresh perspectives and new alternatives to addressing the needs of our rapidly expanding community

Madison City is for families.  More and more families and individuals call Madison home.  With more than 2,300 new homes set to be built, our city’s size will continue to expand.  To balance our increasing residential growth, our city needs a strong economic development strategy.  I believe in identifying new emerging business trends and aggressively targeting these businesses to locate in Madison.  I propose adding an Economic Development Specialist to our City Planning Department.

My education and work experience applies directly to promoting our business growth.  I earned my Bachelors and Masters degrees in business – real estate from the University of Georgia. My graduate studies focused on the factors that industries consider when choosing a location.  One of their top priorities is one of our greatest assets: a stable work force.

By expanding our tax base, the City brings in the revenue necessary to continue to provide our outstanding schools and maintain infrastructure.

Working together we will help ensure a brighter future for Madison and the people of District 6.

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